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Company Analytics Added to Context on Lexis Advance

by Duquesne Center for Legal Information on 2020-04-15T17:03:00-04:00 | Comments

Context, which is part of our Lexis Advance package, provides several types of content: (1) general judicial analytics; (2) information on expert witnesses; and (3) analytics for particular courts. You can access Context from the main menu at the top left side of the screen in Lexis Advance.

In addition to the above-listed content areas, Context has recently been updated to include company analytics. Over 2.5 million company profiles are available. These include profiles for all public companies in the United States as well as more limited data on foreign and private companies that are involved in U.S.-based litigation.

Four types of information are provided:

1. Overview: This section provides information on stock performance and the corporate hierarchy. It also includes information on firms that represent a particular corporation in litigation. That information can be further refined by practice area.

2. Analytics:  Analytics are broken down into news and litigation. Litigation analytics includes information on representation (law firms), practice areas, and courts. The news analytics option provides information that is drawn from Law360, Lexis Advance, and other sources. News analytics are organized into topical storylines, which provide a timeline of news stories related to a particular topic. You can also refine your news results to pull up litigation-related documents. 

3. People: This section includes the names, positions, and email addresses for the company’s executives and board members.

4. Documents: This is a comprehensive search mechanism encompassing content from across Lexis Advance, including information on dockets and jury verdicts. There are several filters to help you refine your results.

For more information, see the vendor’s Overview Page, which includes a helpful overview video. If you have any questions about this or any of our other electronic resources, please contact Julie Tedjeske (, Electronic Resources and Instructional Services Librarian.

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