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Context on Lexis Advance Now Includes Court Analytics

by Duquesne Center for Legal Information on 2019-10-18T18:48:00-04:00 | Comments

About 2 years ago, Lexis acquired Ravel, which was a smaller legal research company. Since that time, Lexis has been slowly integrating features from Ravel into Lexis Advance. Last year it added visualization information into search results. Earlier this year, it added Context, which includes several features that were adopted from Ravel. Context has recently been expanded to include court-level analytics for both state and federal courts. 

Context provides three main types of content: (1) general litigation analytics; (2) information on the cases and judges that are most-often cited by a particular judge or in a particular court; and (3) information on expert witnesses. 

With the court analytics, it is easy to see how often a particular type of motion is granted or denied in a particular court. You can also review the opinions from the underlying cases. Similar information is available for specific judges. For example, you could see how often Judge X grants summary judgment motions in employment law cases. 

The information on most-cited cases and most-cited judges allows you to quickly identify phrasing and concepts that repeatedly appear in a particular court's opinions or a specific judge's opinions so that you may adapt your filings accordingly. 

For more information on using Context, please see this series of short "Show Me How" videos.

You can also review the following user documentation: 

How to find Context on Lexis Advance:

Screen shot

Using Context to identify insurance cases in the Western District of Pennsylvania where a Motion to Dismiss was denied. 

screen shot


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