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Updates to the Bloomberg Law News Interface

by Duquesne Center for Legal Information on 2019-09-27T18:08:00-04:00 | Comments

Bloomberg Law has recently update the format for its news resources to provide a more streamlined presentation. Bloomberg Law includes a variety of subject-specific legal news resources that can be set up as daily or weekly email newsletters.

To Use Bloomberg Law News:

1. Login to Bloomberg Law. After you are on the main page, select the Browse option at the top left of the screen. Then select News & Analysis. Under News & Analysis select Bloomberg Law News


 Bloomberg Screen Shot

2. View the main legal news page. The main Bloomberg Law News page provides the top stories of the day along with Practitioner Insights, which are more in-depth treatments of subjects. You can also access the subject-specific legal news reporters from this page, either by selecting Browse or by clicking on the arrow next to Bloomberg Law News. 


Bloomberg Law Legal News Page


3. Here is the list of subject-specific reporters.

List of Subject Specific Reporters

4. Subject-specific reporters.  Each reporter on a particular subject provides the top stories relating to that subject. You can further limit the results by subject or other filter, and you can set up customized subject-specific email newsletters. 

Subject Specific News Reporter

5. Filtering stories. The available filters vary by reporter, but generally include options to filter by subject, party, or court. 

Filtering stories


6. Email newsletters. Email newsletters can be customized to cover only specific subtopics or to arrive on a daily or weekly basis. The exact options for customization vary by reporter. 





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