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Animal Law (ACLL)


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This Guide was developed to assist researchers interested in studying animal law and related subjects such as animal rights and animal welfare. The pages herein are provided as suggestions for resources to locate relevant books, primary legal authorities, journal articles, study aids, and free Web-based resources.  The emphasis is on resources outside of Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg.

Use the tabs on the left or bottom of the screen to navigate through the Guide. Please note that some resources referenced in the Guide have restricted access as indicated. Remember that freely available Web-based resources may change without notice. As always, independently validate information found through secondary sources, including free Web-based resources. 

This Guide was originally created by Patricia Horvath and was revised and is maintained by Julie Tedjeske

Disclaimer: This Guide is not exhaustive of all materials related to animal law and is only meant to be a beginning point for your research. For specific legal issues and questions you should seek the advice of a licensed attorney.