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Protection From Abuse (PFA)

Primary Sources

Primary Legal Sources are the actual law in the form of constitutions, court cases, statutes, and administrative rules and regulations.

1.  Statutes (State laws):

Purdon’s Pennsylvania Statutes, Annotated  Stack 12 or 41

23 Pa. C.S.A. § 6101, Protection from Abuse Act

  • This statute provides for Protection From Abuse Orders (“PFA Orders”). These PFA Orders act as a safeguard to victims and their children from a family/household member who is abusing them. The Protection from Abuse Act also provides for absolute confidentiality between a victim and a domestic violence counselor/advocate to encourage open and honest dialogue.

  • Title 23, Domestic Relations
  • Chapter 61 – 67, Abuse of Family § 6101 et.seq

2.  Administrative Codes and Regulations:

Pennsylvania Code Stack 13-14

  • Title 231, Rule 1905

Pennsylvania Bulletin Stack 13+

Pennsylvania Rules of Court  (located at the reference desk) Actions Pursuant to Protection From Abuse Act, PA  R.C.P. Rule 1901

3.  PA Cases:

            West’s Pennsylvania Digest 2d  Stack 19-22 Protection of Endangered Persons, Vol. 49B