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ACLL Services for the Elderly: Home

ACLL Offers Basic & Specific (targeted) Research Support

As the only public law library in the county, the Allegheny County Law Library has an impressive collection of current, unique, historical and hard-to-find materials. Membership provides access to significant print resources enhanced by remote access to an array of online databases.

The Allegheny County Law Library (ACLL) is a full information services organization, striving to offer you materials in various formats.

ACLL Services
Legal Research Assistance
Consult  materials in-library
Westlaw (onsite)
FastCase (onsite)
HeinOnline (onsite)
Gale Legal Forms (onsite)
eCode 360 (onsite)
Making of Modern Law (onsite)
LegalTrac (onsite)

Our librarians and staff CAN:

  • Recommend print and online resources, as mentioned in the chart above.
  • Demonstrate how to use our guides and our databases.
  • Provide a list of legal aid organizations, and other similar aid tools.

Our librarians and staff CANNOT:

  • Give legal advice
  • Interpret legal materials
  • Select or fill out forms
  • Write briefs or memoranda
  • Conduct any research for you

Legal research can be very difficult, even for someone who knows the law. We recommend you contact a lawyer for representation or legal advice.
ACLL does not have lawyers on staff. But we can help you access the pro-bono sources of the Pennsylvania Bar.

The Allegheny County Law Library (ACLL) is an independent public library. The ACLL is not part of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh or the eiNetwork.


The Allegheny County Law Library (ACLL) is a public law library, serving the Allegheny County residents. The ACLL is not part of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh or the eiNetwork.

Where to Find Us

414 Grant Street, 9th Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 

Use our Resources

Databases available on-site:

  • Westlaw 
    Patron Access Core Plan plus Analytical Plus, Litigation, Practical Law and the NRS images
    The most advanced online legal research system. Authoritative content for both primary law and exclusive secondary law titles.  And we have just added new resources designed to help you practice Pennsylvania law more efficiently and effectively. 
  • HeinOnline
    How to Get Started in HeinOnline
    Law reviews, session laws, current and historical statutes, treaties, and more. All content is fully-searchable, image-based and available for download in PDF.  
  • Gale Legal Forms
    Gale training videos and for small business
    Gale Legal Forms provides access to state-specific and more generally applicable legal forms in areas such as family law, bankruptcy, and landlord tenant law.
  • LegalTrac
    LegalTrac Support
    LegalTrac offers indexing for 1500 titles and full-text for 250 titles. Coverage includes major law reviews, legal newspapers, specialty law publications, bar association journals and thousands of law-related articles from general interest publications.
  • Making of Modern Law
    Making of Modern Law is a comprehensive full-text collection of over 21,000 legal works published during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
  • LLMC
    LLMC training video
    LLMC Digital is provided by a non-profit cooperative of libraries dedicated to preserving legal titles and making copies of such inexpensively available digitally through its on-line service. This full-text collection provides access to state, federal, and international resources, including extensive holdings of federal administrative agency decisions.
  • eCode 360
    eCode 360 training information
    Note: This is a website that is freely available on the Internet.

Because the ACLL has limited computers available, you need to make an appointment to use the computers in the library.


The Allegheny County Law Library (ACLL) also offers these services for a small fee. Our librarians are here to help you decide what you need.

Legal Forms

The ACLL provides copies of commonly used forms for $0.20 per page.

Forms available include:

  • Civil Complaint short form
  • Civil Complaint long form


Printing and Scanning 

The ACLL has a photocopier and scanner available. Fee listing.


Document Delivery

The ACLL will email, fax or physically mail documents to you. Fee listing.


Remote Access to Databases

Library cardholders can get remote access to the following databases:

Gale Legal Forms 
Making of Modern Law


Borrowing Materials

You are free to consult library materials in the library. If you wish to borrow library materials, you must purchase a library card.*

*Cardholders may borrow material from the ACLL or from Duquesne Center for Legal Information. They cannot borrow material from Gumberg Library.


Purchase a Library Card

Thus frequent users may consider purchasing a library card. A library card provides additional benefits

  • Borrowing privileges
  • Remote access to select databases
  • and more!


  1. Nursing Home Admission Planning for yourself, your spouse or your parent:

  2. Estate planning & administration
    • Are you thinking about writing a will?
    • Have you been named an executor to the estate of a family member or a loved one?
    • Are you the beneficiary of your spouse's will? 

All these are questions you may need to research yourself, contact a clinic, or hire an attorney, as suggested above. 

If you want to find additional resources, you can search the ACLL's online catalog. If you need additional assistance in research, you can visit the ACLL at, call us at 412-350-5353 or email us at


If you have feedback, questions or suggestions about this guide, please contact the Allegheny County Law Library at

This guide was last updated on January 20th, 2022.