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Guide to ACLL Services for the Elderly: Home

ACLL Offers Basic & Specific (targeted) Research Support

The Allegheny County Law Library (ACLL) is a public law library, serving the Allegheny County residents. The ACLL is not part of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh or the eiNetwork.

How to access the Allegheny County Law Library remotely


414 Grant Street, 9th Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 

How to visit the Allegheny County Law Library

The Allegheny County Law Library (ACLL) also offers these services for a small fee, such as Legal Forms, as detailed in Guide to ACLL Services for the Public.

  1. Nursing Home Admission Planning for yourself, your spouse or your parent:

  2. Estate planning & administration
    • Are you thinking about writing a will?
    • Have you been named an executor to the estate of a family member or a loved one?
    • Are you the beneficiary of your spouse's will? 

All these are questions you may need to research yourself, contact a clinic, or hire an attorney, as suggested above. 

If you want to find additional resources, you can search the ACLL's online catalog. If you need additional assistance in research, you can visit the ACLL at, call us at 412-350-5353 or email us at


If you have feedback, questions or suggestions about this guide, please contact the Allegheny County Law Library at

This guide was last updated on August 2, 2022.